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Senior advisor, founder of the vision 'normal life for people with dementia' and founder of The Hogeweyk®

Jannette Spiering

As ordinary a life as possible for the elderly, especially for those with dementia. How do you do that in an environment in which dementia care is often approached from a medical perspective? How do you retain your individuality without becoming your disease? As a serial innovator and pioneer in “normalising” care and consideration for elderly people with and without dementia, I know first-hand that things can be done differently.

Keynote during Hospitals by Ramboll 2020 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Jannette welcomes Prime Minister Rutte in The Hogeweyk

Keynote in Melbourne, Australia

Multi-day orientation session at Warrigal, Australia

Visiting NewDirection Care (Bellmere, Australia), inspired by The Hogeweyk®
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Chatting with Natasha Chadwick, NewDirection Care (Bellmere, Australia)
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Jannette and Eloy visiting NewDirection Care (Bellmere, Australia), inspired by The Hogeweyk®
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No results without a vision

In my experience, a clear and well-formulated vision is the backbone of change, and it becomes your support when you embark on the path of change. Radical change means rethinking everything. You will inevitably run into dilemmas and problems. I can support, inspire and help you to stay on track.

Pragmatist rather than a theorist

There is no blueprint

With more than 35 years of operational, tactical, strategic and advisory experience, I am an expert and enthusiastic interlocutor with a wealth of silent know-how. I am a pragmatist rather than a theorist. As former director of psycho-geriatric care at Vivium Care Group, including The Hogeweyk, I know what it means for an organisation and for you as a person to start thinking and acting differently. To be responsible for change and to create environments where it is good to live, each according to his or her own wishes and needs. There is no one-size-fits-all, not even for elderly people living with dementia.


Constantly working on getting your organisation moving and achieving your goal requires a lot of effort, stamina and energy. A good work-life balance is essential (I haven’t always succeeded here!). However, when I have time, I like to recharge by tending to my garden or enjoying a concert, a good book or film.

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It is your turn to shape your thoughts and ideas, and I can push, pique and inspire you with 35 years of operational, tactical and strategic experience, along with my knowledge and silent know-how.

Jannette Spiering

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