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Ageing Asia

Ageing Asia is the first Ageing Market Consultancy Social Enterprise in Asia with the mission to change the future of ageing in Asia Pacific. The organisation facilitates collaboration and strategic partnerships between CEO-level business, government and community leaders to access Asia Pacific’s silver economy through a combination of in-depth industry research and networking with key decision makers in the business of ageing. They also consult organisations seeking global best practices in living, health and care models that can be adapted to the Asian marketplace.

How we supported

Ageing Asia (Ageing Market Consultancy Social Enterprise) invited Be Advice to deliver keynote speeches at several of their events. We also hosted multiple study tours to The Hogeweyk®, organised by Ageing Asia.

"Since 2014, Ageing Asia has worked in collaboration with Be Advice in creating industry training opportunities for the eldercare sector in Asia Pacific. As the first independent network on the business of ageing in Asia Pacific that represents members with a shared vision to change the future of ageing, our global network has benefited tremendously from the insights and knowledge shared by the team at The Hogeweyk. The knowledge sharing aligned with Ageing Asia’s core objectives to facilitate knowledge transfer of best practices, concepts and innovations in health and eldercare between countries and sectors, and to improve quality of eldercare in Asia Pacific. Ageing Asia looks forward to more insightful learning opportunities with the team of Be Advice."

Janice Chia | Founder & Managing Director Ageing Asia

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