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Kristiansand, Norway


Strømmehaven opened in the autumn of 2020 and consists of both existing and new buildings. The new facility is designed to complement an existing nursing home structure. The residents will be able to move safely and freely on their own. Residents will continue to live their lives in as normal a way as possible. The new environment is focused on daily activities and social gatherings in a home setting. Strømmehaven will offer something completely new in dementia care in Kristiansand.

Anne Sofie Hellebø, Heidi Mitchell and Ilse van Lingen in Strømmehaven 

Heidi Mitchell and Ilse van Lingen in a home in Strømmehaven 

How we supported

Inspired by what they had experienced during multiple study visits to The Hogeweyk®, the municipality of Kristiansand began work on the transformation of an existing nursing home. Be Advice welcomed several delegations from the municipality and nursing home to inspire and train them in the concept. We made the translation to the Norwegian culture and their area and context during a three-day, in-depth study & orientation session. Before the opening we supported the training programme for all the staff of the transformed nursing home, teaching them the concept and vision to support the culture change.

"Since 2015, several politicians, managers and employees from the municipality of Kristiansand, Norway, have been visiting The Hogeweyk on various occasions. We became inspired to build new care homes called Strømmehaven, which opened in 2020. Experiencing The Hogeweyk as well as the guidings and workshops by Be, have been a very good contribution to develop both our buildings and our care concept. The consultants at Be are always giving us a warm welcome, manage to give good and detailed explanations about the vision and principles in The Hogeweyk, and dare to ask challenging questions which have been important and helpful for our own process of understanding and decision making. We look forward to our further cooperation!"

Ilse van Lingen | Advisor Plan & Strategy Strømmehaven

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