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Be Advice Paradigm©

The Be Advice Paradigm© is a powerful instrument designed by us to guide and support your innovation. The 7 pillars and 4 domains of the Be Advice Paradigm© challenges and structures your thinking. The exploration of the paradigm supports you in the development of your project. It helps you to discipline the process of transformation and implementation.

The Be Advice Paradigm© inspires and supports our clients all over the world and have led to many new, vibrant and innovative places to live for older adults, adapted to their culture and society. You find some examples on our project page.

The Be Advice Paradigm© proves to be a powerful instrument for the global movement of changemakers improving quality of life for older adults.

Please reach out to one of our advisors to learn more about how this instrument can guide you further. An introduction of the Be Advice Paradigm© is part of our very successful inspiration and study visit (available online and onsite).

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Origin Be Advice Paradigm©

The Be Advice Paradigm© derives from the vast knowledge and experience gained by the advisors of the Be Advice team and founders of The Hogeweyk during the last 3 decades. The world-renowned Dementia Village The Hogeweyk® and The Hogeweyk® Care Concept can be seen as the first and very successful outcome of the Be Advice Paradigm©.

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