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Socially responsible company activities

If you want to offer employees something that will really have an impact, consider organising your socially responsible company activity at The Hogeweyk® or one of Vivium Care Group’s other locations. It is an accessible and educational introduction to people with dementia.

Help with the upkeep of the neighbourhood or talk with residents. Learn about dementia and what giving attention means. It is a fun day during which you and your team will work together for a good cause. It benefits both your team and the residents alike.

Start the day with a delicious lunch and end it with drinks, a snack or a BBQ. Almost anything is possible, and we are happy to discuss the details with you. We will listen to your wishes and put together a fun and varied programme.

"I pick up the residents from their homes and then actively participate in the gym club. It's fantastic to do! I feel I’m of added value and it also makes me feel good. I'm totally in the moment: having fun with the ladies and gentlemen, singing old songs and throwing over the ball'. Every Thursday Lucien can be found in The Hogeweyk®: 'When I step inside, I sometimes see a sign of recognition and a little finger goes up. That gives a very good feeling."

Lucien Haggenburg | Utilities Manager at Abbott Healthcare Products - Lucien goes weekly to The Hogeweyk® to assist during the gym club

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