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Change and progress go hand in hand with doing

The Be Advice team knows there is no progress without change. We experienced this first-hand during the realisation of The Hogeweyk®, transforming from the traditional care model to a social approach of care, living and well-being. We are happy to share that experience with you. Think about what it must be like to design and implement a new care concept, to organise care differently or to bring about a cultural change and social innovation. We work from the experience and belief that the life of an older person in our society can be better and different, with or without dementia. Our Be Advice Paradigm© supports you in your change.

The importance of the using the right words

Language is powerful

Warmhearted care, experience-oriented care, person-centred and value-driven care, music therapy, patient, client, unit. These are terms that we don’t often use in our everyday lives. We don’t talk about how warmhearted the care we give our children is, but we give them exactly that sort of care nonetheless. We don’t go to music therapy, but we enjoy music and it makes us happy nonetheless. We live in a house, flat or attic room but not in a ‘unit’. At Be Advice, we focus on the person, not the patient.

The right language helps us change our opinions, attitudes, thoughts and actions. We work together to achieve a normal and ordinary life for each individual— even those with dementia. The right language will help us leave the institution behind.

Be Advice still uses the institutional terms, but only to achieve the necessary transformation. It’s a challenge, so why not join us!

"Be concerns everybody. Be yourself, be free, be strong, be proud, be together. Just be. Be advises on innovative care concepts for elderly people living with dementia and support their creation and implementation all over the world. A home to be at home."

The origin of Be | Be Advice

Jannette Spiering

Senior advisor, founder of the vision 'normal life for people with dementia' and founder of The Hogeweyk®

With more than 35 years of operational, tactical, strategic and advisory experience, I am an expert and enthusiastic interlocutor with a wealth of 'silent know-how'. I am a pragmatist rather than a theorist. I can support, inspire and help you to stay on track.

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Eloy van Hal

Senior advisor and founder of The Hogeweyk®

I have more than ten years' experience in providing strategic and operational advisory services to clients in the public and private sectors worldwide. We truly make a difference by pushing each other, pushing our boundaries, thinking pragmatically and finding solutions together. I avoid patronising people—I focus on quality and meeting the changing desires of the aging consumer.

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Iris van Slooten


I have become a real know-it-all in The Hogeweyk® Care Concept. I am available for advice and support based on my knowledge and experience with international projects. I can help you dream big and come up with practical ways to make your dreams a reality. I will inspire and challenge you to come up with your own vision, and support you in its development and implementation. I enjoy talking about my passion and I regularly share my knowledge and experience in keynote speeches both at home and abroad.

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Yvonne van Amerongen

Founder of The Hogeweyk®

Yvonne van Amerongen is one of the founders of the vision on normal life for people with dementia and founder of The Hogeweyk®. Yvonne is now retired. 

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