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South Bend, Indiana, USA

Milton Adult Day Services

Milton Adult Day Services, a service of Centre for Hospice Care, provides a structured setting for adults who need social, health and support services during the day. An existing building will be transformed into a day centre for people living with dementia and their caregivers. This community-based service adopted The Hogeweyk® Care Concept’s key principles as their foundation.

Multi-day orientation session November 2019

How we supported

Together with the dedicated team, Be Advice developed a new concept based on their ideas and initial plans. We hosted an on-site, three-day, in-depth study & orientation session with the dedicated team, including the developer and the architect. Together, we thoroughly explored the key elements of the Hogeweyk® Care Concept during interactive sessions and applied them to the day centre in its particular situation and surroundings. We reviewed preliminary designs and created a solid foundation for further development.

"Working with Eloy and Iris during the training sessions was the best thing that could have happened for our teams. Just when we thought we had dementia care figured out, you came along and opened our eyes to the lack of “normalcy” that even “high quality” facilities here in this country continue to lack. We are firmly committed to bringing that normalcy of daily routine to our new dementia focused community center here in South Bend Indiana! This will be a revolutionary model of care…and, truly, care the way it should always be. Thank you so much for your insights and the time spent with REAL services, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services, and Center for Hospice Care. I hope that we are able to get together again in the future! "

Angelica Baginske | Director of Alzheimer's and Dementia Services

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