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However much organisations want to change, it often turns out to be more difficult than expected. There is no blueprint for change. Something that works in one place will not necessarily work in another. We have also experienced first-hand that cultural change is a crucial part of transformation. Company culture is deeply rooted and consists of visible, invisible and often subconscious thought patterns. Herein lie the greatest challenges and ultimate success. What obstacles do you face and how do you deal with them?

As part of a bespoke programme on this topic, we take you on our journey of change and transformation— from a traditional nursing home to a community in which people with severe dementia can live normally. We discuss our stumbling blocks and successes. Learn from our extensive experience and be inspired to start or shape your own process of change.

"Thank you again for your hospitality and sharing Hogeweyk with us. Each of us left Hogeweyk with a renewed inspiration to make things better in the United States. It will take us time and we so appreciate your willingness to assist along the way. We will be in touch in the near future to discuss future ventures. You are an inspiration and we are so grateful that you allowed us to share this vision."

Rhonda Brand | President, National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

"The visits to The Hogeweyk as well as the workshop with Be Advice have opened up new approaches and perspectives. We enthuse about this unique lifestyle model. The open discussion we had, also about critical issues, was most helpful. Thanks to the insights received and the food for thought given to us we now feel capable of developing our own concept, the implementation of which will be our ultimate goal."

Anke Franke | Managing Director, Ev. Diakonie Lindau e.V.

"Many thanks again to you for your delivery of Monday’s concept day. It was a fantastic way of bringing key stakeholders together to explore how we can deliver extra care to ensure older people live active and fulfilling lives, and how we can apply this thinking to the new Charlie Ratchford scheme."

Jennifer Kelly | Project Manager Strategy and Change, London Borough of Camden (London, United Kingdom - 2019)

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