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Dax, France

Le Village Landais Alzheimer

Unique in France, Le Village Landais Alzheimer responds to a national and European ambition in terms of social life, health and research to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their carers. Le Village Landais Alzheimer focuses on person-centred care and a non-drug-based approach. Le Village is inspired by traditional Landes architecture and functions like a real village, in which residents enjoy great freedom of movement. The completely newly-built “village” was opened in June 2020.

How we supported

Henri Emmanuelli, then Deputy and President of the Landes Departmental Council, read about The Hogeweyk® and immediately wanted to launch a similar village project in Landes. During a bespoke programme, we immersed the team in The Hogeweyk® Care Concept, including the financial structure, daily workflow and operations. Be Advice welcomed the team to The Hogeweyk® several times for intensive study visits. We inspired the staff and supported the adaptation of our concept to their context, culture and location (Dax, France).

"Almost six years ago, a Landaise delegation went to Netherlands to get inspired by The Hogeweyk model. After years of work, our own Village Landais has welcomed more thant one hundred people with Alzheimer’s disease in a brand new full public structure. We aim to build a strong and long-term partnership with our Dutch colleagues from Be Advice and contribute to spread a common philosophy about caring for alzheimer’s people accross Europe. "

Vincent Galibert | Directeur du Groupement Village Landais Alzheimer

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