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Success is always accompanied by the appropriate adaptation of the concept to your own culture, context and environment. You can accelerate your own development or transformation process by drawing on our advisors’ knowledge and experience in various areas.

De-institutionalisation of care

We believe in the de-institutionalisation of care. The Hogeweyk® is the first living example of our vision. However, something that works in one place will not necessarily work in another. We will discuss all elements of the Hogeweyk® Care Concept together, enabling you to develop your own concept that fits within the basic principle of de-institutionalisation. We will listen to your ideas and ask you a range of questions to help you discover and formulate your own development or transformation process. There is so much practical experience and knowledge—our silent know-how—that we couldn’t possibly list it all here, but it will be addressed during our discussions.

How do you want to grow old?

Sooner or later, we will all get older. How do you envision the final years of your life? What will you want when you are older? You, too, might one day be diagnosed with dementia. What will your future look like then? Who knows, by then the disease may be treatable—but it may not be. That means that something must change now— if you see your future somewhere other than at a traditional nursing home, that is. The Hogeweyk Care Concept® and the Be Advice Paradigm© contribute to a dementia-friendly society.

Quality of life

Our paradigm

Our integral and inclusive vision forms part of the Be Advice Paradigm©— a model that we use together with you and that inspires and supports creating a unique outcome for the elderly, time and time again, whether they are living with dementia or not.

Game changer?

Do you want to change course, move away from the ‘institution’ paradigm, normalise things and brainstorm about how things can be done differently while still complying with the applicable laws, regulations and quality standards? Are you developing something new or just looking for feedback? In short: do you want to do something in healthcare that contributes to other people’s quality of life? Get in touch with us.

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"Almost six years ago, a Landaise delegation went to Netherlands to get inspired by The Hogeweyk model. After years of work, our own Village Landais has welcomed more thant one hundred people with Alzheimer’s disease in a brand new full public structure. We aim to build a strong and long-term partnership with our Dutch colleagues from Be Advice and contribute to spread a common philosophy about caring for alzheimer’s people accross Europe. "

Vincent Galibert | Former Director du Groupement Village Landais Alzheimer

"Very informative, fantastic to witness the care and respect shown to all of the residents. It was inspirational for us all, and a delight for me to see the responses from the residents and the interest they showed for our visit. The advisors were engaging, enthusiastic, had a willingness to share, thoughtful, informed, open, honest, insightful with regards to the issues our countries share with our populations and politics. Also we felt we had a very real, informed conversation and we left with a feeling that we could rely on you as partners in the new venture for our own partnership."

Rob McCulloch-Graham | Chief Officer Health & Social Care, Scottish Borders Health & Social Care Partnership

"It was a great experience for all of us to have the opportunity to be a part of your workshop presentations in Sydney and Melbourne and witness first-hand the value of long term vision and commitment to achieving positive outcomes which are now assisting so many people and their families. It was also wonderful to see the level of interest The Hogeweyk Care Concept has in Australia and how your vision is being considered by so many organisations on this side of the world."

Bruce Message | Partner & Strategy Director, One Fell Swoop (Sydney/Melbourne, Australia)

"The Hogeweyk was one of the inspirations behind the NewDirection Care microtown™. NewDirection Care at Bellmere is a fully inclusive residential aged care community for older people living with dementia or complex care needs and those living with young onset dementia, based on the Australian way of life. Visiting The Hogeweyk and undertaking a master class with Janette, Eloy and the team around the dementia village concept helped us incorporate some of the same principles for all of our residents no matter what their diagnosis. Our ongoing collaboration is highly valued."

Natasha Chadwick | Founder & CEO of NewDirection Care

"The following is something that we often say. We are eternally grateful for your support and encouragement, for the challenging questions you asked us for the guidance and direction. For the wisdom and advice. For your generosity. We would never have made it. We are not big and flash but we made it and our care is amazing."

Thérèse Jeffs | Chief Executive, The CARE Village (New Zealand)

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