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We zijn veelgevraagd spreker op conferenties en events over de hele wereld. We inspireren u en delen graag onze ervaring en denkwijze.

Onze topics zijn onder andere:

  • De-institutionalisering;
  • Een nieuwe manier van wonen, zorg en welzijn voor mensen met dementie;
  • Terug naar de bedoeling;
  • Transformatie;
  • De Hogeweyk®;
  • De toekomst van de zorg – Be Advice Paradigm©.

"On behalf of Rothkoff Law Group, THANK YOU for taking part in our 4th Annual Symposium for Elder Care Professionals! It has been a true pleasure working with you during the months leading up to our event. Without your participation, we could not have provided the inspiring, innovative and educational messages you shared with our guests. Letting the audience hear about the positive effects of the Be Advice Paradigm was welcomed by all. Thank you once again for all that you did to help make our symposium the success that it was! "

Linda Coppinger | Special Projects Coordinator

"Basically everyone have listed your presentation among their three favourites. Your presentation was truly inspiring and the need for such an approach that you practice at your care village is really strong in Estonia. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us so much to think about and strive for! "

Ere Naat | Producer and organizer MTÜ Elu Dementsusega (Tallinn, Estonia)

"The feedback to the conference was positive in all respects, both among care home staff, officials, politicians, and others. It will be difficult to make big changes in a few months, but we believe that we were able to inspire the participants and motivate politicians to keep working on the subject. You definitely played a big part in that."

Kertti Pilvik | Head of International Relations and Organisational Development, Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Conference on Elderly Care (Tallinn, Estonia)

"Iris, your talk was extremely inspiring, having captivated our students and made us think outside the box, to be and to do more for the people around us, as individuals and as future medical doctors. I really have no words to express my gratitude and the gratitude of all the organizing committee to you for accepting our invitation and sharing the concept of The Hogeweyk with us."

Joana Moniz | iMed Conference 12.0 Organising Committee

"As the project manager for the forum, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the day. I have heard from multiple people who found your presentation very inspiring and touching. "

Julia Karner | Project manager, Hospitals forum by Ramboll (Stockholm, Sweden - February 2020)

"Iris, it was our honour having you with us. Our country needs and is ready to welcome this initiative to promote awareness and health innovation so we can change the way that disabilities and health issues are faced."

Dimitris Kontopidis | Founder & General Director, Humane, Unlimited Abilities Days (Athens, Greece)

"I've attached all the evaluations we received. I'm sending all of them since so many people positively commented on your presentation. It was a true testament to how well you were received."

Linda Coppinger | Special Projects Coordinator, Rothkoff Law Group

"Eloy, thank you so much. The presentation was perfect and just what we wanted. I now have a new task; creating and forming a task force… you inspired the room."

Judith D. Grimaldi | Esq. Certified Elder Law Attorney, Partner, Grimaldi & Yeung, LLP, NYSBA Housing Symposium (New York, USA)

"Thank you for coming to Alberta to present to our Symposium on Dementia. You were definitely the star of the day and the media favourite. Many participants came up to talk to me on how they enjoyed your talk as it is so practical."

Vivien Lai | President, Alberta Association on Gerontology (Calgary, Canada)

"The event was very successful in our eyes as many of our valued contacts were in attendance and were very interested in what you had to say. We could tell by how they mobbed you at the end, and by the number of questions we unfortunately didn’t have time to answer, that they were very engaged."

Theresa Frazao | Development Coordinator Events, Alzheimer Society of B.C. (Vancouver, Canada)

"Jannette, you were a real star at the Medical Innovations Summit. The Royal Society of Medicine is fortunate to have hosted you as a speaker. Several people, including the Society’s President-Elect, commented to me what a capable, lucid, thoughtful and inspirational presentation you made."

Paul Summerfield | Development Director, Society of Medicine, Medical Innovations Summit, (London, UK)

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