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Soms is het prettig een plan, idee of visie tegen iemand van buiten de eigen organisatie aan te houden. Je ideeën delen, gedachten uiten en vormen, sparren en dilemma’s bespreken.


Klankborden leidt tot uitwisseling van gezichtspunten en is gericht op inhoud. We werken gezamenlijk toe naar het van binnenuit ontwikkelen van jouw visie. Door de complementaire kennis en ervaring is er een basis van balans en gelijkwaardigheid. Klankborden leidt tot effectieve keuzes in besluitvorming. Wat komt er allemaal op je af en wat vraagt dat van jou als verantwoordelijke? Waar moet je rekening mee houden, wat laat je je tegenhouden en wat niet? We helpen je de juiste antwoorden te vinden.

Mogelijke onderwerpen voor een klankbordsessie:

  • Proces van verandering
  • Ontwerp
  • Bedrijfsvoering
  • Cultuurverandering
  • Etc.

"The following is something that we often say. We are eternally grateful for your support and encouragement, for the challenging questions you asked us for the guidance and direction. For the wisdom and advice. For your generosity. We would never have made it. We are not big and flash but we made it and our care is amazing."

Thérèse Jeffs | Chief Executive, The CARE Village (New Zealand)

"From our embryonic ideas for changing the way dementia care is delivered here in the UK to the emergence and creation of a project that is set to materialise as the first of its kind in the UK, this would not have been possible without the inspirational support of the Be Advice team. Janette, Yvonne and Eloy have coached and believed in our vision and never faltered in their enthusiasm and support for iMind. They continue to support, inform and assist in driving the UK project forward. Both at the planning and operational phase of the development, Be Advice will continue to be an integral part of our iMind team thus guiding and shaping how once a dream can become a reality."

Anne Reed | Managing Director of iMind Initiative Ltd, United Kingdom

"The Hogeweyk was one of the inspirations behind the NewDirection Care microtown™. NewDirection Care at Bellmere is a fully inclusive residential aged care community for older people living with dementia or complex care needs and those living with young onset dementia, based on the Australian way of life. Visiting The Hogeweyk and undertaking a master class with Janette, Eloy and the team around the dementia village concept helped us incorporate some of the same principles for all of our residents no matter what their diagnosis. Our ongoing collaboration is highly valued."

Natasha Chadwick | Founder & CEO of NewDirection Care

"The CARE Village team have been inspired by The Hogeweyk and created a NZ interpretation of the lifestyle, social relational model of care. We are eternally grateful to the founders, Jannette Spiering and Yvonne van Amerongen of The Hogeweyk for the encouragement, support and the sharing of knowledge that they so willing gave us. They were always available, their enthusiasm reassuring. They helped us plan and navigate around the many decisions and challenges along our incredible journey to success. The village model is the right thing to do. The CARE Village team thank you Jannette, Yvonne and The Hogeweyk."

Thérèse Jeffs | Chief Executive, The CARE Village (New Zealand)


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