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One-day deep dive

A one-day session combines a visit to The Hogeweyk® with the opportunity to go into more depth on particular topics that are important to you.

Sample programme

During a study visit, you will fully experience daily life in the community. You will see how a traditional nursing home has been transformed into life in a normal environment with professional support. Learn about our vision, crucial elements of the concept and our way of thinking.

The afternoon will feature an in-depth session on a topic of your choice such as lifestyle, staff composition or budget. There is room for questions and discussions that are guaranteed to provide you with new insights—more than you would get on a study visit.

A one-day deep dive is led by a seasoned expert with years of practical experience. The deep-dive topic is chosen with you during the intake interview. These days are ideally-suited to groups who want to get the most out of their first visit to The Hogeweyk®.

"Many thanks again to you for your delivery of Monday’s concept day. It was a fantastic way of bringing key stakeholders together to explore how we can deliver extra care to ensure older people live active and fulfilling lives, and how we can apply this thinking to the new Charlie Ratchford scheme."

Jennifer Kelly | Project Manager Strategy and Change, London Borough of Camden (London, United Kingdom - 2019)

"Your workshop was fantastic and will help many groups in Calgary improve their care delivery for people with dementia."

Lisa Poole | , fouections Magazine and member of multiple boards inclnder Dementia Connuding Dementia Network Calgary's Strategic Council

"It was really interesting to see your organisation and to share ideas and discuss challenges and opportunities with you. Your approach stimulated much positive discussion within our Brazilian group and delegates were extremely happy about the whole visit. The group was really impressed by all the respect and dignity that you are bringing to life in severe dementia. Having the chance to visit The Hogeweyk was a great way to end our age care study tour."

Gabriel Monteiro | Director Latin America, Dialog Health

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