Why Be?

Be is specialised in creating a liveable environment with the appropriate support for elderly people with dementia.

Why the Be company?

A two-part question.

Why the Be company?

During the past 20 years, Be has specialised in creating a liveable environment with the appropriate support for elderly people with dementia. Elderly people with a severe form of dementia. Elderly people who require special support and guidance which enable them to still enjoy life as best as possible and to be and stay themselves. With and despite the limitations caused by dementia.

People with dementia in a care environment? Be strongly believes that these people, and perhaps precisely these people, want to be themselves in an environment that matches their needs.

Be makes it possible for you to live in an environment where you can be yourself. Where you can really feel at home. Where everyone has done everything possible to make you feel at home. Be-ing yourself!

Is Be something for you?

Is the Hogeweyk concept something for you?

Are you looking for support in realising your own innovative concept?

And how will you do it? We would say Do it! And ask Be to help and support you with advice!

To Be yourself, to Be a person with a history, to Be a whole human being with all the aspects that make you to Be the one you are. To Be is one of the most precious aspects of your life.

Nursing home Hogewey in Weesp (The Netherlands) has applied this vision into The Hogeweyk, the small scale living neighborhood for people with dementia.

The Hogeweyk has become well known over the world because of the care concept that offers a high quality of life for people suffering of a severe dementia. This care concept was developed in 1993, and has been successful ever since.

The Hogeweyk Care Concept guarantees a life where living, wellbeing and health are equally important. The Hogeweyk Care Concept guarantees freedom to make your own choices in life, and the freedom to live life as usual.

For people with dementia that does not change. It is however not so easy to Be yourself when dementia disturbs your life. The Hogeweyk Care Concept makes it possible to Be yourself, even when you suffer of dementia.

More information?

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