What does Be do?

Be informs, guides and supports organisations, all over the world.

Be and Dementia care

Be informs, guides and supports other organisations, all over the world, with respect to learning the Hogeweyk concept and improving the quality of life of elderly people with dementia and for them to experience positive health.

Be supports organisations in learning from the results of the revolutionary Hogeweyk concept, and supports them in creating their own concept. For 20 years, Be has been combining knowledge and experience in dementia care with consulting and concept development.

The Be consultants are De Hogeweyk’s founders and practitioners.

To Be yourself, to Be a person with a history, to Be a whole human being with all the aspects that make you to Be the one you are. To Be is one of the most precious aspects of your life.

Nursing home Hogewey in Weesp (The Netherlands) has applied this vision into The Hogeweyk, the small scale living neighborhood for people with dementia.

The Hogeweyk has become well known over the world because of the care concept that offers a high quality of life for people suffering of a severe dementia. This care concept was developed in 1993, and has been successful ever since.

The Hogeweyk Care Concept guarantees a life where living, wellbeing and health are equally important. The Hogeweyk Care Concept guarantees freedom to make your own choices in life, and the freedom to live life as usual.

For people with dementia that does not change. It is however not so easy to Be yourself when dementia disturbs your life. The Hogeweyk Care Concept makes it possible to Be yourself, even when you suffer of dementia.

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