Coming up

Australia tour in cooperation with LASA (seminar Gold Coast, QLD) 

Australia tour in cooperation with LASA (seminar in Adelaide) 

Cincinnati, USA

Australia tour in cooperation with LASA  (seminars in Sydney and Melbourne)

Home Care & Assisted Living 2020 (Helsinki Finland)

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Thursday 9 April 2020

Friday 5 June 2020

Monday 5 t/m Friday 16 October 2020

Tuesday 17 en Wednesday 18 November 2020


Hospital Forum Ramboll (Stockholm, Sweden)

CEU Creations Symposium (Atlanta, USA)

27th European Social Service Conferences (Milaan, Italië)

Dementia Forum X (Royal Palace of Stockholm, Sweden)

TED Women 2018 (Palm Springs, CA, USA)

Rothkoff Law Group Conference (Langhorne, USA)

FCG Training Ltd conference (Espoo, Finland)

ARCO Conference (London, UK)

Awareness Campaign 2018 (Tel Aviv, Israël)

Rothkoff Law Group Conference (Mt. Laurel, USA)

Australia tour (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney)

8th Korea Healthcare Congress (Seoul, Korea)

4th Dementia Summit (Gstaad, Switzerland)

Canada tour (Toronto, Vancouver)

Global Aeging Conference (Montreux, Zwitserland)

Seminar Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)

Consulting project (China)

Economic mission Life Sciences & Health (Sao Paulo, Brazilië)

Together We Care Conference (Toronto, Canada)

AAG Innovations in Dementia Care Symposium (Calgary, Canada)

Symposium SCPD (Montreal, Canada)

Seminar hosted by One Fell Swoop (Melbourne, Australia)

Seminar hosted by One Fell Swoop (Sydney, Australia)

Australia & New-Zealand tour (Australia)

Compassionate Care Conference, Derry (Northern Ireland)

Care Conference (Guildford, UK) 

Vancouver (Canada)

Aleris (Norway)

Ostiano (Italy)

Wednesday 5 February 2020

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